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Dr. Umesh Wadhavani is a Nutritionist Corporate Wellness Coach and Mental Health Professional. After completing his Bachelor's degree, he went to Oxford to pursue his Masters in Health Care Management. He completed his training in Fitness and Nutrition while managing a Psychotherapy clinic based in Harley Street, London. He relocated to India in mid-2019 and has been actively involved in enhancing people’s lives by assisting them with their fitness and nutrition goals. He is also the founder of SIMPLY WELLNESS, a virtual clinic that seeks to address the various lifestyle issues and concerns people have, such as Diabetes, PCOD, Hypertension, and many more.

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Dr. Wadhavani can help you overcome the obstacles in your life through a practical yet healthier approach to food.

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It was really beautiful and beneficial. If someone wants to learn the toughest thing on earth, he should come to you , you will make him understand in the simplest possible way. It was very crisp and clear. I am definitely looking forward to extract more and more information from you.  Thank you for giving me this opportunity.

Dr. Shweta A | Mumbai


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